Improve mine operations

Performance benchmarking, project life-cycle modelling, conformance control.

Monitor, analyse & improve mine operations

Project decision analysis

Real-time fleet control

Process improvement

Mining equipment life-cycle modelling

Mine equipment production benchmarking

Real-time fleet monitoring

Material movement controls

Process plant efficiency controls

Process plant maintenance controls

Preventative mechanical maintenance

Notification of dangerous & aggressive driving

Driver mechanical and technical behaviour

Plant-to-port transport controls

Port material handling controls

Pit to port mass balance

Budget conformance control

Equipment efficiencies

Supply chain optimisation

How we improve mine operations

Performance benchmark modelling

Project life-cycle modelling decision-making

Mineability & mine readiness reviews

Mine engineering execution controls

Mining project controls & progress tracking

Mine equipment allocations Opex & maintenance

Real-time decision-making support

Mining project execution assistance

Mining project consultancy & support

Performance benchmarking, project life-cycle modelling, conformance control.

Real time decision making, risk assessments, valuations and comparisons during mining industry related trade-off studies, benchmarking, mine optimisation, operations improvement, equipment performance, mineability studies, capital and operating cost studies all of which are applied in post tender commercial control.

Current status

Research area

Future direction

Performance benchmark modelling

Based upon existing mine engineering Benchmark life-cycle modelling

Production probabilities

Performance comparisons

Mine re-engineering

Equipment strategy

Project life-cycle modelling decision-making

Base case life-cycle model

Decision case life-cycle model

Determine project case

Establish level of improvement

Prepare implementation models

Post tender commercial control

Mineability & mine readiness reviews

Current mineability, and

Mine readiness review

Areas of improvement

Extend of improvement required

Review mine engineering for implementation

Equipment selection and resources

Mine engineering execution controls

Alignment of project life-cycle model

Resource cost breakdown

Equipment productions

Mining cost and budget forecast

Production schedule alignment

Revised mine design cost analysis

Mining project controls & progress tracking

Project control setup

Data, KPI, performance, utilisation

Mining production, equipment performance

Mining cost and budget

Production schedule conformance

Budget conformance

Mine equipment allocations Opex and maintenance

Mining equipment cost breakdowns

Maintenance cost breakdowns

Operating costs

Maintenance costs

Conformance tracking

Mining cost benchmarking